Maximize your sales & ROI within 90 days.

We partner with marketing directors to develop delete multi-channel marketing campaign(s).

By incorporating our HTDR© methodology and our proprietary dashboard, our clients achieve:

  • Higher ROI
  • Increased customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • Maximized and expand database.

  Higher ROI

We guarantee to maximize your marketing and sales ROI.

  1. We partner with our clients with our proprietary methodology to create a multi-channel campaign.
  2. We launch campaigns incorporating blended online and direct mail channels from   specific                    attributes   assembled from our client’s database.
  3. Our proprietary software gives real-time analytics allowing corrections as the campaign rolls out.

The result Marketing Directors get the highest ROI per campaign.

Multi-channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing refers to the practice of interacting with customers using a combination of indirect and direct communication channels.

  • Channels include websites, retail stores, mail order catalogs, direct mail, email, mobile, and digital.
  • All enable customers to take action, preferably to buy your product or service.
  • Using the channel of their choice.

Multi-channel marketing is integrating your brand over as many channels in a coordinated effort to maximize your customer’s ability to interact with you.

Our Methodology

Value Source Group has developed a systematic approach to maximizing our client’s marketing campaigns.

  • First, we learn through our proprietary software exactly what your clients purchasing patterns are.
  • Then, with our HTDR program, we create a campaign and budgets.
  • We then execute your campaign with a series of 6 phases.

Resulting with the highest ROI or multiplier possible.

It’s Up to You

Our HTDR© methodology is tailored for our clients.

  • Increasing cart value from your existing clients.
  • Increasing customer Life Time Value (LTV).
  • Developing a cost-effective customer acquisition program (CAP).
  • Creating specialized multi-channel marketing campaigns with the intent of exceeding your marketing goals.

Our commitment is add value and bench strength to your marketing team.

“In order to know where you’re going, it’s helpful to know where you’ve been.”

Peter B Pohl

Database analysis and attributions.

Our FIRST step is to understand the real value of your customer base.
We apply our proprietary algorithms and create up to 7 categories within your database.

Limited Time Offer.

Free Database Analysis,

valued at $3500

Your Goals are Our Goal

We develop campaigns based on your needs.

Acquiring new clients

Increasing customer transactional amount

Increasing customer frequency

Campaigns are only as good as the results.

As we test sample sizes we are always quantifying and measuring the results.

Below is a real example of data derived from our multi-channel micro tests.

Our proprietary methodology and patented dashboard

puts your data to work for Maximum results.

What clients are saying about of HTDR program, and

our proprietary dashboard’s reporting technology.

For CMO and Marketing Director

“We found the perfect partner with Value Source.
 Thanks to their campaign strategy, and multi-channel approach we were able to increase our online sales channel by over 22% YoY.”


Janet Jenbolski, marketing director Bates Hotel Chain

For Large Brands

“Thanks to Peter and his team we were able to increases our brand awareness and develop a customer acquisition program that is cost effective, measurable and best of all sustainable. We are now partnering with Value Source for all of our 2019-20 campaigns.

Bob Pohl chairman Clean Energy 4 All.